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When new staff begin… January 17, 2011

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Tomorrow, I’ll have two new staff members beginning with us. Both are brand new positions, not refills, so I am incredibly excited to finally be (almost) to the point where we are poised to serve our students well.  While my (now) 15 direct reports seems like a lot, in reality they are spread over 5 locations with student populations ranging from a few hundred to a few thousand and until now, we still had times when our locations were open but we didn’t have staff available.  The continuing support from the college is encouraging.

My hope is that, long term, the presence of these two new student affairs administrators will allow our work to be better, stronger, and more meaningful; that we will go beyond the daily grind into more planning, more assurances that our students are learning rather than just going through the motions.  But, over the next few weeks, the new staff be going through training and learning, and making sure that they know their jobs well enough to be left on their own, as I so often have to do. 

But, new staff are also always nervewracking.  I have the great honor of working with some phenomenal people.  Certainly, we have challenges and I personally struggle to manage over 5 locations, but all in all, I consider myself to be an excellent hiring manager, as I have put together a team that is truly student focused and student friendly.  So, when someone new starts, I’m filled with anxiety — will they fit in?  Will everyone get along?  Will having a few more faces at our table change the dynamic of our staff meetings? 

So, by way of this blog, I ask you to wish us luck. For me, luck that I have selected wisely and that these two will continue to add to the strength of the team.  For them, luck that their new positions will fulfill their expectations for their professional growth and that they will find the challenge and support that they need to develop and grow.


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