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Be excellent to each other… June 5, 2012

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Today’s #reverbbroads starter: Come up with a new Constitutional Amendment. from Art and Soul

The greatest disdain that I have for politics is not for those who disagree with me, but for those who treat our governance system as a game, or even as a toy.  In the most recent years, I have become increasingly enamoured with those who can politely speak their minds and express distaste for a particular policy without resorting to name calling or speaking badly of people’s character.  While I would certainly like to see a constitutional amendment that outlaws DOMA, solidifies the ERA, and (really and truly) outlaws discrimination, my hope for this country is actually much more simple.

I would like to require that elected officials, at least while serving in those roles, refrain from disparaging comments about others character, that they remain focused on the issues at hand, and that they, if unable to do so OR if they do nothing more than stagnate legislation, be removed from office for behaving otherwise.  The greatest danger to this country right now is not that it is headed in the wrong direction politically, but that it is headed in no direction other than one that demonstrates distain for political discourse.  While I would in no way look to limit the free speech of every day individuals, I would argue that, constitutionally, certain behavior can be seen as a job requirement.  We do, after all, pay these folks to speak for us, regardless of how ineffective, nasty, or disrespectful the speech.

I realize that I am babbling a bit — this constitutional amendment lacks the focus that I would like to see from myself (as well as from those who represent me).  But you get my drift.  In the wise words of Bill and Ted (and their Abraham Lincoln), we should, in fact, be excellent to each other…


2 Responses to “Be excellent to each other…”

  1. Emily Says:

    Indeed! I grew up in a family where “be excellent” was a bit of a mantra (but not in a crazy-over-parenting way…just in a “let’s all do our best” way). So I fully support your amendment. 🙂

  2. Kassie Says:

    Perfect, simple and perfect

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